Wadleigh Habits

Wadleigh High School for the Visual and Performing Arts offers a rigorous academic program infused with a strong performing and visual arts program designed to ignite our scholars’ imagination, nurture their intellectual curiosity, and develop their creative spirits within and beyond our school walls.

At Wadleigh, our view of an authentic education is rooted in three interrelated and grounding philosophies. First, that children learn best when their ideas are taken seriously and when their creative capacities are ignited; second, that education has a specific purpose of providing children with skills, tools, and competencies to prepare our Wadleigh scholars to become productive global citizens.  Third, we believe in providing a challenging and engaging education organized around complex questions around important issues that connect subject areas and allow our students to maximize their fullest potential.

We believe our Wadleigh scholars can and will succeed; NO Exceptions!  To that end, Wadleigh Scholars are also provided with an advisory curriculum that supports their social-emotional, post-secondary, and life goals development.   

Whether inside of the core academic subjects, our major areas of study, or our advisory program, the Wadleigh experience is carefully designed to promote a set of key attributes that all human beings display when they behave intelligently—we call these our Habits of Mind, Work, and Heart. These are:

Wadleigh Habits and Attributes

Habits of HEART

Habits of MIND

Habits of WORK




Community Oriented


Evidence Minded


Weigh Multiple Viewpoints

Seek Connections



Embracing Accountability



Given the centrality of these HABITS within our school design, we encourage our families to support this culture by engaging their Wadleigh Scholars in conversations about the HABITS, each night around the dinner table. Together we make it happen!


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”  - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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